Well, the Comic Book and Me…

1998-06-12, Stadtpark, Hamburg, Germany

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Today’s guest newsletter comes from graphic artist Sam Hester. In the late ‘90s and 2000s, she spent time following the Never Ending Tour wherever she could (which, being that she was a flight attendant, turned out to be quite a bit). After each concert, she illustrated her experiences. Her whimsical comics mixing recaps of the shows themselves with stories of her own always-lively personal experiences at them.

She’s graciously allowed us to republish a few. Today, the illustrated story of a trip to Hamburg to see Bob in 1998:

1998-06-12, Stadtpark, Hamburg, Germany

Sam has since turned her talent into a career as a “graphic recorder,” creating illustrations for conferences, meetings, speeches, etc. Find out more at the23rdstory.com and her Twitter.